Liz Bail - LB Studios

Artist Statement

Liz Bail is a practicing visual artist based in Chicago, IL.

My paintings are comprised of material layers and translucent and semi opaque pours which simultaneously reference nature and architectural structure. My inspiration comes from the frequent walks I take in the forest preserve and in the city of Chicago.

My artwork began to express tension and chaos with a surface that is highly energized. The formal elements are in opposition with one another, and they appear to be colliding. My work creates a sensation of movement and fragmented space signifying impermanence as the painting itself is static. The organic flow or staining juxtaposed to geometric structure creates a sense of balance and unity.

My approach is experimental and improvisational, and I rely on chance. When I put the first splash of paint down on the canvas that gesture influences where I put the next splash. In essence, the painting is telling me what to do. There are many unexpected findings within the paintings as they dry and mishaps in the studio become an integral part of the process. Material exploration is a cornerstone of my practice.