Liz Bail - LB Studios

Artist Statement

I find inspiration from the natural landscapes that surround me, particularly in the nearby forest preserve where I take frequent walks. Through my paintings, I seek to capture the essence of these environments, employing a multi-step technique that combines painterly layers together through material exploration and experimentation. While the painting is laying on the floor the process begins with a single stroke of paint on the canvas. Within the layers I use semi opaque diluted acrylic paint, acrylic mediums and ink that are gently drawn onto the canvas. Then once dry I put the painted canvas directly on the wall and continue to layer it with acrylic or oil paint along with oil pastel to get a richness of color and texture.

The artistic approach I have is one of experimentation and improvisation with intuition guiding the process. With the element of chance and embracing the unexpected, I welcome mishaps in the studio and as the painting evolves, unexpected discoveries emerge. During this process the painting helps to determine my next step as my decisions are based on the previous action taken.

There is a certain peace and connection that arises while walking and being immersed in nature. It could be the feeling of warmth while the sunlight filters through the canopy of trees above, the breeze rustling through the leaves or the fragrance of flowers mingling in the air. These sensations help to foster a deeper connection to the natural world and are expressed in my paintings. Through paint I translate the embodied experiences and emotions I feel while walking in the forest preserve. The act of painting bridges the feelings I have while walking in nature to the painting itself.